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Three Daves - Nicki Elson

 Talk about a flashback of memories.  Three Daves starts off in 1986 as Jen is started her sophomore year.  Personally, I was starting the 11th grade at that time so the music, bar scenes, mixed tapes, movies and the fashion of that time is all something I could relate to.  I was extremely into music during my high school years and, without my parents knowledge, go to the local music venues where I would mix with the local college crowds.


An interesting story.  When it first started off and the whole David, religion, Bible and Psalms lessons were going on, I was really unsure where the story was going to lead.  I was like, hmmm, I didn’t think this was a Christian Fiction novel.  In all reality, it’s not.  Get past all that, and skim past the Psalms at the end of each chapter, and you will find yourself wrapped in a coming of age book filled with honesty, curiosity, hurt and discovery.  Jen starts out pretty wholesome and comes to a realization that there is something she really wants to know more about and finds a way to do so.


Three Daves actually has three different Dave’s in it; David, Dave and Big D.  Three relationships that bring something to the table while in the end coming full circle.  A learning experience for Jen, the Dave’s involved and her friends who are there with her through everything.  Some of her friends are the typical stand-by-you’s while some are also the typical all about themselves type.


Now back to the whole religion bit.  Please get past that point, this is NOT a religious book.  This is NOT a chasity is the way to go book.  When you are at that point the story has barely even started.  You will be surprised where and how far the story takes you.  I do suggest to the author that if she ever thinks of a rewrite, taking the Psalms out completely and toning down the religion lesson a bit.  I have a feeling that she may have lost more than a few readers with the way that part was done.  It started to feel like an after school special instead of a coming of age New Adult Contemporary Romance.


I recommend this to anyone who likes to see a character evolve and likes the New Adult genre.  I do not suggest this to anyone under the age of 17 due to the mature sexual content.  Like the big hair, underground music, carefree feel of the 80s?  This book is for you.  For those of that generation, you will be having flashbacks of those times and finding yourself truly connecting with the characters, especially Jen.  I'm feeling so nostalgic right now that I'm ready to dig out my own mixed tapes and rock the night away with the Ramones, Cure and more.