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Half-Life - Tina Ferraro

The story in this book isn't what I thought it was going to be. The cover and the synopsis had me thinking much more along a spooky story, which is not what this book is. This book covers a girl, her choices, possible outcomes and the chance to make everything right.

As a novella, there's a lot that goes in to this story. I could feel the pain of a troubled friendship, the internal turmoil caused by the loss of a sibling years earlier and the push and pull of peer pressure. Trisha is quite the normal teenager, except that her long dead twin sister has suddenly started appearing to her. As a mother of twin teenage girls, stories like this really feel like a hit in the gut.

A paranormal take on how some situations could be manipulated by outside forces. It really makes you think. How many times have we heard a person say how someone close to them must have been watching over them to keep them out of harms way? Simple things like, if I had gone straight to the store as planned instead of missing the turn, that could have been me in the car accident. If I had missed my flight, I would have been on the plane that crashed.

An interesting story that works well for the young adult audience of any age. It touches on the dangers of alcohol and watching out for the smooth talkers that have only one thing on their mind. This story has many lessons in it that come to fruition at the end and wraps everything up nicely.

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