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Bullshit: A Handbook for Skeptics - John Grant

This book is a no holds back debunk of just about everything but the kitchen sink.  The author touches on everything from evolution, to AIDS, to climate change, etc.  I actually learned quite a few things about how screwed up some high level doctors and leaders are and how their actions or inaction's have created catastrophic outcomes.  


Packaging of the book itself isn't up to par.  The cover combined with the font makes it look like a cheap knock off instead of a professionally published book.  This is turn makes for one to think of conspiracy theorists instead of a man who really has his act together and quite a bit of knowledge to share.  I beg the publisher to do the author justice and produce a package worthy of the product being offered.  If I was perusing the shelves and came across this, honestly, I would just keep on going.


The publisher states that this book is for ages 14+ and parts of me agree with that while other parts of me don't.  It just feels like a good debatable read that the younger crowd would not get the gist of.  While reading it, I felt like I was sitting there with the author and having a full out discussion with him.  He calls out the bull and trumps it with facts.  This book brings up things in the past. but not in an old fashioned way while also bringing to the forefront the current events and activities of our world like one's well read uncle would.  The author tackles some theories that right now have people on opposite sides of one another.


This book would make for a great supplementary read in any class that deals with history.  This history is not just world history, economic history, religious history but also ecological history.  This is where the younger crowd comes in and would have fun with the authors contributions, while in a learning atmosphere.


I recommend this book to just about everyone, even those who can't see the grey but only the black and white.  I feel that every reader will finish reading this with a minimum of one thing that they didn't know before and a better understanding of why and how things get so blown out of proportion.

Source: http://wordtodreams.blogspot.com/2015/03/review-debunk-it-how-to-stay-sane-in.html