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Fingers In The Mist - O'Dell Hutchison

Wow! What a page turning, heart thumping, keep the lights on no-matter-what story! I was not expecting this when I read the synopsis. I thought it was going to be just your average paranormal YA story but this is on the same lines as my favorite horror writer, Bentley Little. At first I had visions of M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village" but it quickly spanned out to be so much more.

The book starts out with the knowledge that things are just not right. The main character, Caitlyn, is heading to her father's to stay for good. Her mother had passed away, ok, murdered. Caitlyn, only a teen, had done a brief stint in rehab (really not as bad as it sounds, you'll get the jist when you read it), her stepmother is about as nice as the one in Cinderella and from the get go, all kinds of crazy starts going down. This story has secrets, magic, ancient Indian demons, and so much more. I love a good horror story and this is right up there on my list of the best.

As I read it though, some things did stick out as being red flags left alone. When someone who's been gone for a week and is found bloody, emaciated, throwing up disgusting things and attacking someone out of the blue, you don't expect them to be out and about the very next day. You would expect them to be home, under the care of a parent, doctor or nurse. When you find someone had been looking into your child's window, you wouldn't let them run around the next day at a festival like it never happened. It also struck me as a little on the odd side that with the Redemption going on and with everything that goes with it, that someone would think that something else paranormal is odd. I also am still stumped with the very end of the story. I don't know what I missed, and I'm going to go back and try to figure it out. These are the reasons that this book is not a full 5 star read for me.

For lovers of horror, this book is right up their alley. Even with the items that I mentioned above, the story kept a flow to it, the action was pretty non-stop and I didn't want to stop reading. Do not read by just the light of your ereader and do not read on a windy night. You have been warned, now let's see if you listen. An excellent read, and one of my favs so far in 2015. I look forward to reading more from the author, O'Dell Hutchison.