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Remote - Lisa Acerbo

The fun thing about science fiction is that it really pulls in components to stop you once in a while and just make you think.  This book is a good example of that.  As stated by a character in the book, society's downfall wasn't a war, it was technology.  This book, while providing the reader a good story to follow, shows you the meaning and truth behind that statement.


The author gives the reader a strong female lead with Yara.  You learn quickly about her home environment which helps in giving not only a face to her but also providing the material to visualize how she looks, acts, reacts and thinks.  Joshua took a little longer to visualize, because honestly, at first I just didn't connect with him. He had some good attributes starting off, but with his actions and the dialogue, I just found him very vague.


The author gives you a story of those who live by the government standards, who hook up to technology to live out their fantasies, hopes and dreams and on the flip side, the rebels who feel that the government has gone too far, taken away too many personal freedoms and who refuse to live with technology the way that the New State demands of its citizens.  We learn just how much that the government wants to get rid of the rebels, because they fear how the rebels, aka Undergrounders, can overturn what they have created.


This book touches on many subjects; over the top technology, war, romance between two from opposite sides of the tracks, hope, fear, secrets, etc.   Some of it flows, some of it doesn't.  Together though, it's strong enough to bring this world to you and take you with it through the currents.


I recommend this to readers of science fiction of any age and I also recommend this to those that are open minded to stories other than just contemporary styles.  I look forward to reading more from this author and hope that she continues on with this series.


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