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Dead of Night - Carlyle Labuschagne

Over the past couple of years, I’ve found that my favorite genre is dystopia.  I couldn’t be bothered with a romance novel.  To my dismay, I found myself loving every moment of this unusual take on love in a world where love itself is a crime.  From the very beginning, I found myself captivated with the story of Opel and Aecker.


Having been a big reader of dystopia, I know how this genre has swelled over the past few years and has found itself being written into near exhaustion.  This author has breathed new life into the genre and taken a unique and fresh approach which is both mesmerizing and completely satisfying.  Love is universal, take that away and what happens?   This story exams that and more.


There are so many layers to this story; loss, hope, betrayal, frustration and so much more.  The choices of the characters lead them through many difficult situations.  The action and the character reactions kept the story moving along.  There were times where the story seemed to have a bit of a lull or feel a bit too much, but the author eventually moved it back into the direction needed before it got to distracting.


I recommend this book to all lovers of the dystopia genre, especially those that are looking for something a bit more close to the heart.  I look forward to reading further in this series and from the author, herself. 

Source: http://wordtodreams.blogspot.com/2015/02/review-dead-of-night-by-carlyle.html