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Dark Siren - Eden Ashley

This story centers around Kalista, aka Kali who is anything but a typical seventeen year old.  A beauty, but one with issues, mainly with her knowledge that she isn't like others, that she has a hunger she satisfies by feeding on the energy of others.  A man, Rhane, enters the scene mysteriously, and seems to know her, but what he knows is the part of her that she doesn't know exists.


This story is pretty fast paced from the beginning.  The reader quickly learns that there is a secret that's hidden and that knowledge creates a basis for the reader and allows for the story to emerge without having to give an explanation immediately of why.  The vivid details that the author provides brings the characters and story to life.  The reader becomes an active member of the book, seeming to be there but as a watcher on the edges of the story.


I would have liked a more insight of Rhane.  He appears out of nowhere, tracks her down in stalker like fashion, has so many secrets of his own, but is brought into the story without any background and it takes a bit for his character to find his footing without it feeling like a stumble.  His moving in and out of the action is almost too stealthy to grasp at the beginning.  In turn though, we learn his heartache and why he is suddenly there when Kali needs a hero most and why he doesn't run when things turn south quickly.


As the story unfolds, the reader learns of the secrets untold.  The author is meticulous on when she lets bits and pieces of the story to the reader, driving the story onward and keeping the reader attached and invested in wanting to know more.  I couldn't stop reading.   I didn't want to put this book down and I look forward to reading further books in this series.  Anyone who likes paranormal romance mixed with jaw dropping action and hair raising suspense, will find a new addiction with this book.

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