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The Forgotten Ones  - Laura   Howard

I was uber excited to do this read for review.  The author had provided me a finished epub copy, BUT for the review I read it from the paperback edition that I had purchased on my own for a book signing coming up.  I had the pleasure of seeing this book go from a writer’s imagination to the actual written word and it’s quite amazing.  Laura Howard had invited me into her group when she was going through the beginning draft stages and she openly welcomed the group’s thoughts and ideas.

This story age-wise is more New Adult, but the story itself fit the YA genre nicely.  A well worded fantasy novel with fairy folklore and such that grabs the attention of the reader.  We start off modern day; a girl, her schizophrenic mother, loving grandparents, friends and a romantic interest.  Add in a never seen father, his assortment of cohorts and such and together you have a unique fantasy world.


The story was good, but I got so lost with all the different characters.  It seemed to get quite confusing and jumbled at times.  The Irish wording also was not a favorite of mine.  Yes, it added a sense of factuality to the story, but I think I would have gotten more out of the story if the author had used names that were much more pronounceable and non-distracting.


I felt there was a bit of lack of emotion from the characters at times that made the story lackluster.  The exchange between Allison and Liam, especially when they first met, was just too benign.  The rage didn’t come through, the betrayal she should have felt wasn’t quite evident and the surprise he was dealt was treated like just another day.  The whole thing with Allison and Ethan, back and forth, the flirting, etc., well, they are both at the age when that stuff is left for the highschoolers and reality of adulthood would have had them acting quite more grown up about it and handle things at a different level.


Other than that, the story is enjoyable.  In the literary world were fantasy, especially fairy, tales have been twisted and turned so many different ways, Laura Howard came through with a unique and enthralling story which will make all readers of fantasy jump for joy.

Source: http://wordtodreams.blogspot.com/2013/06/review-forgotten-ones-by-laura-howard.html