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Double Fault

Double Fault - Janine Caldwell I received this book for an upcoming Supagurl Blog Tour for an honest review. Thank you!

For those that have read the first book in The Vortex Series, Rematch, this is quite a different book. Do not expect much time travel and you will not be disappointed. This book is largely on the newer relationship between Cassie and Trent and the changes in the parallel world they are now living in. No, there's not like crazy things happening, just the changes of people they were close with previously.

Trent & his sister, Lorelai, are still in hiding from PI's. Their identities closely hidden from those close to them. Cassie starts thinking about life without tennis, and slowly the story evolves. Honestly, for a good bit of the book I was waiting for something more than romance. I really wouldn't classify this as a paranormal book except for brief instances of the time travel. Finally, things started taking a turn. Trent and his sister have been found and the repercussions have a ripple affect. Bits and pieces of their true identity strung out with further lies come out for the rescue of someone close to them. A life is lost. Heartaches resound. This all climaxing to a point that you want to say, duh, why didn't you think of that before?

The end of the story wraps up nicely until a twist is thrown in. This twist will lead into the third book of the series, Deuce. As of this writing the release date is unknown.

This book was so different to me than Rematch that I, at first, had a hard time connecting with it. I love paranormal books, and as I said earlier, this book was much more romance than my usual liking. The romance took away from the uniqueness of the original story line. Once the action kicked in, I was along for the ride. I didn't want to put it down.

The new cover art really makes this book stand out. I absolutely love it in leaps and bounds. I wasn't crazy on the previous cover I really won't go into that though because it doesn't affect my review as a whole.

Would I recommend this? Yes, for those that want to further the story of Rematch and for those who like a sweat romance. Now, I just wish I knew when Deuce was coming out and what it will be all about!