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Jax & Marbles

Jax & Marbles - Jacqueline Lorraine Conwell I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy of her book, free of charge, in exhange for an honest review.

I can honestly say that before I was contacted by the author I had never heard of this book before. The author had provided me a brief synopsis of the book and I found myself very interested This book is promoted as a YA book, but I feel it's best in a new genre of NA Christian. Now, don't let that make you stop reading because it's NOT a in your face type of Christian book, it's sublime, tasteful and very well written. You will not find yourself turned off by anything in it but you will be intrigued on where it's going to go. in it. Now I find myself recommending this book to everyone, young and old alike.

There isn't a lot of action. For awhile you pretty much are just seeing the actions of a young couple discovering one another, but not really in a romantic sappy way. They become good friends and while you're trying to figure out the romance in it all, there really isn't. So many books nowadays has everyone jumping in bed and getting it on before the first chapter has even ended. Who really wants that type of a relationship and where can something like that really end up going most times? In this book the characters get to know one another as people and learn something new from each other every step of the way.

Julian, aka Jules, aka Marbles has been given a second chance on life. He has a mission to fulfill and without even realizing it the reasons he came back have taken backseat to getting to know Alexia, aka Alex, aka Jax on a level that seems so old school but again, is refreshing. Things happen, is his second chance over? Will Jules succeed? Will Alex ever know the truth? If she does, how will she handle it? So many questions, but they all are answered in this book. Will James and Alora ever get to the place that James is looking for? Hmmmm....

You learn a lot about the characters, sometimes too much and the character development can feel a bit overboard. Do we really need to know the person threw an item in the trash or can we just assume ourselves that he did. Things like that are just a bit overdone. The fact that you are wondering if it's a friendship or relationship for quite a while also takes a bit away from the story. I also found the story of James and Alora too much on the forefront because, well, there isn't enough in this book to give it so much acknowledgement.

I look forward to reading the authors next book, "Pick-Up Stix," which switches things up and brings the story of James and Alora to the reader. I will have my review of that book available on Tuesday, January 21st.