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Tales of Ever

Tales of Ever - Jen Wylie I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is a book that I could read again and again. If you've read any of my postings, you know that's quite unlike me. You know, so many books so little time. This book is downright fun, clever, entertaining and riveting. I did not want to put this book down at all. It's also an easy read, which is great for the younger readers and those looking for a story that quickly pulls them from reality and into a different world.

When I first started reading it, I wasn't sure what to expect. Misha, who is the main character of this story is a firestarter but doesn't really realize what she is capable of at the beginning of her journey because things had been kept from her. Her father disappeared years prior and almost as soon as her mother comes clean about her lineage and starts to train her, she dies. At the last second, she's rescued than in a blink of an eye she's been banished by those that should have kept her safe. This story is about Misha's entrance into the land of Ever, the people she meets along the way, the dangers that are present every day, the good, the bad and the ugly of life in Ever. We meet Misha as a sheltered teen and see her grow into a strong, determined, sincere and loving young woman before our eyes.

Being multiple volumes joined into one book, I was worried about the flow of the story when one volume ended and the next started. The author did a wonderful job as she didn't cut the story short at the ending of the volumes and didn't go into overdone detail in the beginnings. The reader gets a small rehash, but nothing that will make the eyes roll or sending the reader in a speed read to get away from the details. They are merged smoothly and the story just keeps on rolling, bringing us from the scary first day in the land of Ever to the amazing changes going on at the end.

Ever. A land that feels like a dream on paper. The details paint the reader a picture that even though a bit odd, seems right. People and creatures are banished to Ever through portals, daily, but nothing leaves. A mish mash of colors, creatures, plants, food, dangers and adventures. A bird man, witch, shadow that moves on its own, dragons, animals that look partly like puppies and partly like squirrels are just a few of the oddities that you will get to know in Ever, if you live the fall from the portal. There is no sun, clouds nor wind but you will learn the cycle of the day through the colors of the sky.

There isn't really any qualm I have with this story except that a few of the details could have been better detailed. With all the action in the crystals I couldn't get a perfect feel of the scenery at that moment. Also, there is a time that Shade is upset with Misha over something she did, involving a bunch of burnt lizards but nothing is really said on why he was mad and if the author reads this, can you give me a little insight, because I'm still very curious.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good story, mixed with fantasy but not extreme fantasy. This reminded me of stories I read as a young adult and weren't complex but still carried the story at a level that was enjoyable. There were also plenty of times that the author threw in humor that made me chuckle and made me love this story that much more. I would like to read more about Ever and hope that the author returns to the land in further novels. Please Jen...more Ever...PLEASE!