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Five: Out of the Dark

Five: Out of the Dark - Holli Anderson I wish to thank the author for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

As I started this book, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself in to. Everything was a bit off. There wasn’t much for the characters from getting to point A to point B, making the story feel very rushed and leaving out a whole lot that should have been there. The voice of Paige was well under her age and the range of her character too. The way the characters evolved their magic wasn’t really set up well and just seemed to happen without much thought put into it. For a bunch of amateurs, their handling of demons and other paranormal creatures just seemed to easy. This really took away from the story and was causing me to lose interest quickly. Thankfully the story picks up when Jonathan is bitten and the group happens upon a school that just isn’t right.

I loved how the author explained the changes of Jonathan. His evolution from human to that of the paranormal. The way his changing affected not only him during that time but also how the changing of his chemistry changed him overall. The reader will know right away what is going on, but it blew me away that the other characters didn’t seem to get it at first. In some ways it reminded me of the tv show Being Human, more so the American version than the British one.

The story is told from Paige’s point of view, but it would have been really interesting to see things from the others eyes. I would have loved to have known exactly what Jonathan was thinking, feeling, etc when he was going through the different stages of changing. The other three characters all have a uniqueness to themselves that hearing from everyone’s POV could have really made this story sing.

I did enjoy this book, the beginning of the Five series. I recommend it to readers 12+ and think that this series has some serious potential to become a favorite of the paranormal genre of readers. I look forward to reading the further adventures of the Five.