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Transgression - E.R. Arroyo As it states, this is a short story at 25 pages, but oh, does it pack a punch. I was breathless, eating up each page to see what was going to happen next. The reader learns a bit about Nathan, before the war. He's a jerk, but we get to see the side of him that is dying for his fathers attention. We learn how just by trying to make his father proud, he ends the world as we know it. We also get to see him try to make a wrong, right, while in the middle of a living hell.

In 25 pages, my emotions ran from one end of the scale to the other and back and forth. I felt disgust, sympathy, anger, pain, fear and much more. For an author to do this with a short story, that author has mastered the art of storytelling. I bet her campfire stories keep even the forest creatures too scared to rest! The suspense, the doom, the ending, oh my!

This is a must read for those just starting this series and for those that have read Sovereign and The Offering. Both groups will be wanting more. I recommend this for anyone who likes the post-apocalyptic genre.