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The Line Book Two: Walled

The Line Book Two: Walled - Anne Tibbets It has been about 6 months since I read the first book in The Line duology and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get back in to the story or find myself stumbling over things I had forgotten. Thankfully, the author provided crumbs from Carrier along the way that helped kick start my memory and be able to dive right back in with little disruption. Just as before, even with a conversation going on between characters, I could feel the action building up.

This takes place about a year after the first book ended. The twins are still infants, but are starting to lean towards toddler in their independent actions. In the beginning I was disappointed in the lackluster maternal actions of Naya and would have loved to have a one on one with her myself. Thankfully, she shows her true feelings when it counts. You could tell by the tense feeling that life in hiding had made them all a bit rougher around the edges. I also felt that living that way, that they would have had some kind of contact with the outside world to know exactly how bad things were getting there.

Having worked on The Line, Naya still had some intimacy issues. There were times when Ric didn't know what was going to happen with small gestures of love. Sometimes these moments were met with open arms and other times, especially when something triggered past memories in Naya, they were met with distance and coldness. In this book their romance is played out more and given freedoms that weren't possible in Carrier but is also kept in check with a bang at the end.

The action in the book pretty much goes and goes. There are slight pauses here and there, but for the most part I found myself reading at a frantic pace. Everything made me want to know more, quicker, and with more details. The author did not disappoint with any of that.

The ending of this book, which wraps up the duology of The Line, will throw you in a tailspin. So many different things going on which all combine to create one heck of an ending. My head is still trying to wrap itself around it. A satisfying ending at that. I recommend this to anyone who likes New Adult dystopian novels that have basis on actual people and their experiences.