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The Earth Dwellers

The Earth Dwellers - David Estes It’s moments after I’ve read the final word of The Earth Dwellers and everything that’s happened from The Dwellers Saga through The Country Saga is hitting me all at once. The emotions are running amok and honestly, I’m quite near tears because this compilation of two separate but epic series has come to an end. Please pass the tissues.

Where to start? This particular book brought all the different countries and realms together. The beginning of the book started right where The Sun Dwellers and Water and Storm Country left off. There wasn’t a single beat missed and quickly off I went on further adventures combining all the characters, their hopes, dreams, insecurities, strengths and humor and by the end I felt like I was sent through the ringer a few times.

David Estes, who I consider a dear friend, has written blockbuster after blockbuster and amazes me each and every time. The things he puts his characters through would make a grown man stop in his tracks and do a double take. You would think that some of the things done would be offensive but he does it with dignity and with love for them, even if the outcome is the worst possible. He puts his heart and soul into his books and it shows, through his words and actions.

The epic battle is fought, people you thought were dead are found, people you have embraced die. That is the way of war and has been and forever will be. The Glassies, which you really haven’t heard much about since Fire Country, are the center point of this story. Perry, also from Fire Country, is brought back and has his fair share of an encore return.

This particular quote brought tears to my eyes and a body shudder of a sob: “I can’t bring him back, but together we can honor him by forgiving the soldiers who were only following orders given to them by those who would destroy us all.”…..Tears are running down his cheeks, but he’s nodding. “I will honor him…” We see, in these few sentences, a leader rise from the ashes. Words that moved me to the core.

“My skin tingles and warmth roars through me and my feet are so fast, far faster than those around me.” Its passages like this one that made my heart beat faster and take hold of me and just warm my soul.

I recommend this to everyone who has read the Dwellers and Country Saga’s and I recommend both of those to everyone. They will have you missing meals, staying up to all hours, and more because they are all just that good! Bravo David Estes! BRAVO!