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Residue - Laury Falter "Jocelyn." He waited for me to turn to and face him. "I'm sorry for not disclosing who I am. That was wrong - but I don't regret it. It gave me a little more time with you before we had to face reality."

I nodded and he started down the opposite end of the hallway. Then I stopped him.

"Jameson." I hesitated, wondering if I'd regret my next words. They seemed so simple but carried such weight. "I'm glad you waited."

Oh how I keep going back to this. I read it, reread it, three, four times and every time it sent tingles through me and the deepest sighs. I'm not one for quotes and such, but Laury Falter knows how to write and this was perfect.

A story reminiscent of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Two teens, two different families with a long history of feuding and an instant attraction to one another. One who knows the history of the family and the other about to learn it.

Jameson had just stepped in and defended me.

My heart went pitter patter with this. I'm also not one for book boyfriends, but I must say that I've found one in Jameson. How could you not swoon when he openingly protects the girl he's fallen for who his family despises just because she's from "that" family.

Set in present day New Orleans, the reader is not only invited into the world of witchcraft, voodoo and all things magical but becomes part of that world with the mystical magical wording of the author. Instead of scratching your head, wondering what's going on, you learn right along with Jocelyn and keep that knowledge throughout the book.

Jocelyn comes into the world of witchcraft much later than most who have abilities, but she is a quick learner and doesn't back down to challenges. She's a strong character and eventually accepts what she at first did not believe. She discovers than develops her special abilities while undergoing continuous manipulation and random acts of magical torture from members of the feuding family. Targeted again and again because of her relationship with Jameson and because she stands up for what and who she believes in, no matter what.

With so many stories out there about vampires, werewolves and shifters, I found this a good traditional book of witches, blossoming love and conflicts. Solid writing, interesting characters, action intertwined throughout, imagery that impacts the senses; this book is not only in the top five books I've read this year, but probably in the past five years. I recommend this to anyone who likes YA, witchcraft and a solid story.

I received this book from the author in return for an honest review and I can honestly say that I look forward to reading not only the remaining books in the Residue series, but anything written by Laury Falter. This is an author who knows how to tell a story and keep the reader captivated from beginning to end.