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Deuce - Janine Caldwell I wish to thank the author for allowing me to beta read this book for her. It has to be hard handing your hard work over to someone and not knowing what to expect. Janine…you rocked it!

This is the third and final book in The Vortex Trilogy and let me tell you, it’s the best and that’s saying a lot because I’ve loved this trilogy from the first book. The series has seen some changes, a big one being the covers, which are amazing. There has been more PR on them, which is great because these books deserve it.

This book has its highs and lows on personal levels for the characters. Changes in timelines, discoveries, time jumps that defy logic, fear, mystery, death, hope and love. With everything that happened in this book, culminating to a death, I wasn’t sure if Trent would be able to carry on or just call it quits. There are plenty of stressors going on for both Cassie and him, that I wasn’t sure where the ending would take me. The author never ceases to amaze me how to sculpted her characters, breathed life into them, and let them experience life in a way to would strike many down.

With every book in this series, Janine Caldwell created a better, stronger and enjoyable story. Layers upon layers of stories that melded together perfectly. Characters, no matter how menial were never treated less than the others. Every book upped the ante on the one before it. This book just smashed the others to smithereens and took off like a rocket. The background stories were done, it was time to bring it and Janine Caldwell brought it and didn’t stop until the last word. You will find yourself cheering on the characters, crying with them and wringing your hands in anxiety for them. You will find yourself wanting to wrap your arms around Cassie and Trent and say, “Job well done.” Two lives that were brought together by the paranormal but sealed together through love.

I recommend this book, and the two before it “Rematch” and “Double Fault,” to anyone who likes a good romance, mixed with time travel, heartaches and hope. When I first read this, I gave it 4 stars and I discussed with the author my reasoning behind it, but something she said stuck with me, “But the very fact you're hurting over it, that it roused emotion in you is what a writer strives for, right? If everything ended with a happy ending bow, it just wouldn't be as moving.” I’ve gone through this plot twist over and over again in my head, was upset about it and in conclusion, she’s right, 100% right. Now that I’ve had the time, ok it took me several months, to digest what happened and why, it’s caused me to change my rating to five beloved stars. If it’s gotten to me that long, than it’s good!