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The Circle (The Sidhe #1)

The Circle (The Sidhe #1) - Cindy Cipriano There are many books out there about fairy’s, magic and such, but few that actually tie the traditional folklore with a story so well. From the very first page to the last period, the story pulled me in and held my interest. A middle school read that didn’t feel juvenile nor underdeveloped.

The story has numerous different characters in it, but the author weaves everything so well that you don’t get confused on who’s who. A mixture of different elements of the fairy world keep the reader riveted to the page and never bored. There is mystery, loss, discovery and hope all wrapped up together. Secrets galore, with not all revealed in this, the first book of The Sidhe.

As I stated, this book is geared more for the middle school reader, and the main characters themselves are going through 6th grade. This is where I have a small issue. They don’t act like typical 6th graders and I’m not talking about just the main characters. I could see them as high school freshman, but not starting off in middle school. They are all a bit too grown up for middle school, yes, they’ve all been through more than their peers, but not that much more.

Another nice thing about this book is the lack of romance. You have the mother/father figures, but other than that you don’t have your main characters all gushy over each other. A breathe of fresh air because lately it seems that everyone has to throw some kind of romance into their story, even if it could do well without. Having had numerous friends throughout my life, of the opposite sex, I know that you can be friends without romantic involvement and more young adults need to know that.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good story involving fairy’s, the otherworld, magic, etc. It’s a fun read and I look forward to the next book in the series. I’m very interested to see how a certain “loss” is “found.” Thank you to the author, Cindy Cipriano, for providing me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. I can also honestly tell you that I will be reading further into The Sidhe Series. I also suggest checking out the website for this series for more info, deleted scenes and even Sidhe recipes! www.TheSidheSeries.com