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A Vampire's Saving Embrace

A Vampire's Saving Embrace - Darlene Kuncytes If you're looking for a book with paranormal beings, a touch of thrills, suspense and danger plus sexual tension and sex itself, this book is right up your alley. For me, I went into it wanting way more story and less time rolling my eyes. "My pet..." Ugh!

It had its good and bad. Demons that reek, vampires that are hot and there's also the hunky werewolf's. Oh and you can't forget the girl who is more involved than she realizes. A bit too Twilighty in several ways but again, if that's what you like, this is for you. I loved the Twilight series but it's time to move on with vampires and such.

Do I recommend this book? Yes, to readers who like this type of book. For those who don't, I suggest moving on to something else. Honestly, just because this book wasn't my thing does not make me dislike the writer. I do look forward to seeing what her future writings bring because she has the potential to go so much further.