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Uninvited - Leah Spiegel, Megan Summers I want to thank the authors for providing me with a print copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. When I opened my mail I was so excited to receive it and was especially happy to see it was signed to! Thank you! Now, after all that is said, none of this caused any bias in my review.

The cover of the book is whimsical. In ways it reminds me of the girls in the movie Clueless. I just wish the girls look was a bit happier instead of looking so pissed off. As I started reading I was instantly sucked into the book. I mean, in one sitting alone I read half the book and luckily hit a HUGE bombshell when I had to stop to back to work. When I say bombshell, its hold onto your seats, you’re about to start round two of your roller coaster ride at super-sonic speed. The girls of the story reminded me of the girls in Pretty Little Liars, but without all the super dark secrets. The boys, well, they remind me of the average high school boys you see around any town. Now that’s not a bad thing. First, I love PLL and second, it’s nice to see high school boys who act like, well, high school boys.

The storyline itself is not very deep, but it is YA Chick-Lit and any Chick-Lit is meant to be enjoyable and not all dramatic. Popular girl goes missing, friends are worried, cops come in, friends investigate on their own, bombshell, more investigations, some secrets exposed, etc. The writing is great though and I didn’t get bored with the story at any time. There was a time I thought I knew who did it, than I wasn’t sure, than I found out that I was right, BUT I wasn’t disappointed in anything with it. There was no moment of thinking I had wasted my time because this book was genuinely enjoyable.

Do I recommend this book? Definitely! Who to? Anyone from about the age of 15+. Why not any younger? The subject matter of sex and drugs is in the story, the drugs being a main storyline and I just don’t like YA’s reading that, there is plenty of other YA literature out there for them to get engrossed in. What didn’t I like? For a change, I can actually say that there is nothing I didn’t like. It was a refreshing read that held my attention and the chemistry between the characters was great. Another thing I liked was that when there were references to current movies/actors, the authors gave a reference that will prolong the life of this book in contemporary fiction such as giving the name of an actor but also referencing a popular movie that he was in. I look forward to reading further books in this series and I hope that they all are as good as this one.