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Disconnect - Imran Siddiq The author had provided me a copy of Disconnect for review, but instead I got a copy from B&N free and read from there.

This book is from two of my favorite genres, science fiction and dystopia, and I was eager to read it. Like many science fiction novels, there's a lot of info given in a short amount of time to get the story moving. Unfortunately, there was so much involved in this one that I had a hard time envisioning the worlds that were described and in turn had a hard time keeping up with the story as a whole. I had to go back numerous times and reread sentences and paragraphs to try to get exactly what was being described.

I loved the use of bots and androids in this story. They fit perfectly into the history and helped pick up the story when a more neutral party was needed and gave the right amount of formality to get certain information to the characters and me, the reader.

The flow between the characters themselves were hit and miss. I just didn't get the chemistry between Rosa and Zachary. It just didn't click and meld like it should have. This created choppy dialogue and an awkwardness while reading.

I will be reading the next novels in the series to see where they take me. I'm not one for starting a series and leaving it hanging. I recommend this book to anyone who is big into science fiction. Science fiction and dystopia seem to go hand in hand with the basic mechanics. I find this book to give a good deal of both genres.