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Take Care, Sara

Take Care, Sara - Lindy Zart I wasn’t sure how I would take to this book because it’s not my normal genre. Let me tell you, I took to it, couldn’t put it down, ate, slept and breathed it and even after about a week or so I can still feel the toll it took on me.

Warning to all who read this, it is a tear jerker. Again, I’m not an emotional reader, I don’t really get caught up with the characters, but this one just grabbed me by the soul, proceeded to rip it to shreds and chapter by chapter gave me some of it back.

This poor girl, Sara Walker, just couldn’t catch a break in life, again and again. Thankfully there were people in her life that loved her, wouldn’t let her give up on life and bit by bit showed her how to take life, one baby step at a time. When reality came like a lion and broke her down, they had a way of bringing her back from the brink. And somewhere, in all this messed up world of hers, love came creeping in, slowly, smoothly, and without spite.

Author Lindy Zart, I shake my empty box of tissues at you and say why, oh why, did you do that to me? At the same time, I sniff the last tear jerking sob away and say Thank You! Thank you for such a heartbreaking yet heartwarming story. Thank you for treating Sara with love, care and also the tough love she so needed. Thank you for writing such a crushing yet beautiful story. Thank you for not giving up on Sara.

I recommend this to anyone 18+. Why not younger? I’m just not sure if those younger have experienced enough in life to understand and feel the emotions in this book and be able to take from it the same way that I have. I wouldn’t want them to have dealt with anything like Sara has. This book is right up there at the top of my must read list and that’s a no joke!