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Dead Peasants

Dead Peasants - Dustin Stevens First I wish to thank the author for providing me a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.

Now, how do I find a group as cool as The Zoo Crew? I must say I was pretty envious of their camaraderie and the fun things they did together. Like Sage, I would have worked the odd schedule to keep hanging with the group.

This story reminded me a lot of John Grisham’s books. The low men on the totem poles and the big wigs getting caught in a scam. Unlike Grisham, this author gives you bits and pieces of the characters, instead of huge chunks, before you start piecing the bits together like a puzzle. His characters, at least the good guys, are likable and are well constructed. The bad guys, well, you see their faults and the dislike for them is pretty instantaneous. All the characters have enough of a background given to satisfy the reader.

I did not read the first book, The Zoo Crew, but I feel that it wasn’t a necessity to do so. This worked well as a standalone from that one, but for those who will be reading the 3rd novel when it comes out, the way this one ended, I don’t think you’ll be able to read that one without reading at least this one first. As much as I like The Zoo Crew, I will be going back and reading the first one. These are people you would want to hang out with and you hope your children will find friendship like this when they are out on their own, in college and beyond.

Back to the story itself, a legal thriller mixed with scams, murder and the higher echelons thinking they can get away with anything; this is not a story that hasn’t been done before. Other than legal thrillers, there is a touch of the sinister horror novel feel that mixes in. The redeeming quality of the whole story, are the Zoo Crew characters, their time together and their banter. Part of me wants to dock a star from my review because of this, but than the other part says, this is part of The Zoo Crew series and that’s what is given to the reader so leave that star alone. So…the star stays.

If you enjoy a legal thriller without the good ole boy mentality and a group of friends that see one another through thick and thin without batting an eye, this book is for you. If you are a serious John Grisham reader, this may be too relaxed for you. If you don’t read legal thrillers but are looking for a book to introduce you to them, this is it.