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Switch - Janelle Stalder I want to thank the author for providing me a copy of this book. I won it in the blog tour giveaway for the release of this book.

This book was one of the first of its kind, a NA dystopian novel. We have all seen the NA romances out there, but now authors have reached out further to their audiences to realize that readers want more than just contemporary romances. I thank Janelle Stalder for this.

This story takes place in the future. Not too long from now actually, but about 26 years. The world’s population has been decreased significantly through war and a new regime. The government of the New World reminds me a lot of Germany in WWII. A harsh leader with those under him that go about doing their own thing while also following along with what they know isn’t exactly right because they have been threatened to follow or be killed.

Charlotte is brought into the government by accident. Lies of her father bring the rule down on her and her family. She has a gift of being able to read minds and it’s found out through trickery. She is made to read the minds of those brought before the government for various reasons. She is to find out the lies of the rebels and such. She has been renamed Dinah to keep her identity unknown and her face is concealed so nobody knows she’s a woman, until the day she’s found out by one.

Romance and love blossoms in a place you would think it wouldn’t. Families torn apart are suddenly thrown back together but not without consequences. Dinah finds herself in a very sticky situation, or should I say situations. This story has layers upon layers of stories going on and the author moves between them, through them and connects them seamlessly.

I recommend this book to anyone 16+ who likes a good mature romance along with a government that isn’t so unlike what we’ve seen in our world before.