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Fire And Ice

Fire And Ice - Michele Barrow-Belisle First off I wish to thank the author for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Receiving such does not factor into my review and does not sway me in any way.

The cover of this book is truly lovely to look at. The contrast from what is there and what is hidden from our sight. Being a book about fae and such, it gives you a magical feel before you even read the first the page. And the tag line, “Sometimes opposites aren’t supposed to attract…” brings the mystery of what is about to be read to the forefront.

The main character, Lorelei, is a very insecure girl. So many times I wanted to tell her to drop the act and just let the claws fly. Put the jerks in their place and stop letting herself get walked over because she didn’t want to be who she was. I was disappointed that the author didn’t evolve her in the way, especially after everything she went through.

I loved the fantasy feel of it all, even though it could have used a bit more development with the story, characters and set, but all-in-all it read well. There were times that the story dragged, but then there were times when it flew at a thunderous pace. There is a situation where you wonder why she isn’t freaking out more than she does, I know that I would have, but you just go along with it and with the story.

There is black magic, anger, secrecy, potions, legends, love, death, healing powers and so much more wrapped into this book. There is instalove and I know that many readers don’t like that, but it really fit well in this book. And the boys, there’s going to be a few readers coming out of this with a new book boyfriend!

I recommend this to any reader who likes fae, Sidhe and the fantasy realm. I don’t read many books twice, you should see my tbr pile, but I can honestly say that I would read this one again and I hope that the author comes out with a followup.