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Bitter Like Orange Peel

Bitter Like Orange Peel - Jessica Bell I wish to thank the author for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This story starts with the relationship of two woman, half-sisters and blossoms to the intertwining story of six women. Through life they’ve all been dealing with a mutual betrayal of one man, but unknowingly to some they’ve been betrayed even further. Life has been good in some ways to them but in other ways they each have moments of weakness that shape their lives into something not quite fitting of who really are. The loss of the man in their life has reshaped their attitudes, indiscretions and has created a bit of chaos in a way to cover the emotional impact he left on them.

This story had its ups and downs. The book started off strong, pulled me in, but lost its steam not that far in. So much going on, the change of POVs was dizzying and distracting. There was an entrance of certain characters that just really didn’t need to be there. A set of family that really didn’t add that much to the story itself. The hush-hush secrets that really didn’t play out well. In the end I just didn’t feel there was a closure to the multitude of different stories going on and left me wondering what exactly the point was the author was trying to reach.

I did enjoy the different stories going on, the different lives of the individuals and how they intersected with the others. How one action set off a domino effect from one character to another. The vulnerabilities were well played out and the strength of some shone through brightly.

This book is a good fit for those who like to read about dysfunctional families and the outcomes of choices. This book would be enjoyed by those who read not only Adult but also New Adult fiction because they characters, who are adults, in some ways have the maturity levels of those younger than them when it comes to handle relationships and life’s crazy turning of events.