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For Your Heart

For Your Heart - A.L. Davroe First I wish to thank the author for providing me a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

When I first looked at the cover I thought of a female version of Robin Hood, but once I really looked at it I realized it was a modern age girl in the green forest. Not the most unique cover, but one that is eye appealing. Let’s face it, eye appealing covers are one of the things that gets a book noticed. How many of you just walked past Hunger Games before the movie because the cover was just, well, boring? I will raise my hand on that one.

As it states on the cover, this book is a retelling. There are many books likes this popping up now with the draw of the hit tv show, Once Upon A Time and follow ups such as Sleepy Hollow, etc. Recently we’ve seen books such as Alice in Zombieland and some have been hits and some have been so-so. This book is good, but it’s what doesn’t make it a true wow is that from the beginning you can pretty much tell where the story will be going. That loses some of the thrust and made me, as a reader, wonder if I really needed to fully push on. I did and I’m glad, because the author is great with constructing her scenery and allowing the reader to grasp the story to the fullest instead of assuming that the reader knew exactly what she was talking about. I’ve read some books lately where you had to go back and reread whole paragraphs and still come out scratching my head wondering if I got the jist of the author or not.

I truly loved the characters in this book. The fae and assorted fairy tale like creatures. Some were scary, some made me chuckle and all kept true to what we’ve heard about for years. And on this note I recommend this book to anyone who likes the classic fae with a twist of modern day storytelling. Those readers will love this book.