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Platform 21

Platform 21 - T.R. Patrick First I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around what I just read. It’s hard to come up with the exact words I’m looking for, but one stands out, unique. This story is unlike any that I’ve read in years. So many different twists and happening at times when you would least expect them to. It’s also the type of story that if read again, different items would stick out, much like watching a treasured movie.

There are layers of stories intertwined in this book. You go into it thinking there is but one, looking for Laura, but as soon as the book starts, BOOM, you are thrown completely off guard and left wondering for quite a while what just happened. As you start settling down and the story is moving along, once again, the ground drops from beneath you because another layer is introduced. Surprisingly, the author has done a superb job in keeping the reader attuned to the different storylines and confusion of what is what and who is who is kept to a tolerable level.

This is a YA scifi novel that readers of all ages will enjoy. The scifi aspect is not minimized for younger readers but not over the head of any. The reader will have to get through the first 100 or so pages though to realize that there is something else awaiting them than just the answer to the question that’s been nagging them since Chapter 2.

There is a bit of disorganization that made some of the reading a bit choppy and some areas of the story that were too drawn out that didn’t seem to have needed so much detail put into it. A good reference to this would be the soccer game where the story takes another turn. Too much detail in the actual plays of the game. Needed? Not really, but I’m going to assume that the author did that to draw out the next big event to take place. The characters chemistry with each other didn’t click several times. I’m not just talking about Luke and Angela, but their interaction with other characters and those characters interactions with some others. You do get the feel of the authors military background, and I really enjoyed when those interactions appeared because he wrote them flawlessly.

I do recommend this to anyone who likes a good multi-layered story with a mixture of thriller, conspiracies,paranormal and a heavy dose of scifi bringing it all together. A true scifi reader has an open mind, and that is needed to enjoy this book to its fullest. I look forward to reading further books in his Behind the Veil series, which Platform 21 is the beginning of. I have read on Goodreads that The Vorago Initiative is the next book in the series.