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The Kingdom of Vosh

The Kingdom of Vosh - Jason C. Conley I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.

Since finding the tour group Tomorrow Comes Media, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the books they’ve been touring. This one really stuck out and I was happy to have the chance to review it. A steampunk fantasy novel, this book has attributes that many who like these genres will find just makes their core giddy. Steam powered machines, creatures brought to life with the authors imagination and a story that is action packed from the beginning.

Unfortunately, even with all those, the author seems to abruptly change his thought process from one paragraph to another that disrupts the continuity of time flow and readers made find distracting to the point of irritating. One paragraph everyone’s together and the next hours have passed, but only known because someone asks where the others been. And placement of people are sometimes changed without thought to the readers comprehension. If you are going to relocate a character, do your readers a favor and either edit the change or make some kind of statement of why.

The author did nail down the characters well. Unlike a lot of fantasy books out there, you don’t have to deal with remembering who is who and what is what, etc. The author provided the reader with a main group of characters, created them solidly and didn’t defer from that. I don’t know how many books this year I felt the need to make annotations to names because they’d be there, they not, then back 100 pages later without further explaination on them.

The Princess…there is a lesson to be learned with this book. A story of how to treat others. A story of how to be honest, caring and loving. When the story first starts you will be swept away with just how spoiled and ignorant she is. The type of princess that brings a bad name to royalty, a true snob. She quickly learns just what happens when you ignore the needs of others.

I recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of this genre, they will devour it. For those who are looking for a light fantasy, this may be a bit more than you want.