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SYLO - D.J. MacHale Okay, I'm a bit iffy on this one. I picked it up from the library earlier this one, because I had some down time coming up. I even started another book and put it down because this one just kept calling to me. Unfortunately, even though parts grabbed me, there was a whole lot of the book that just didn't.

The book starts off just fine. You are introduced to your characters, you get a feel for them. There is mystery, than BAM, quarantine. From there it feels like the author was just kind of tossing this and that into the story, a lot that could have been left out and instead of veering around, gotten straight into it. I haven't read anything else from him, so I don't know if this is his writing style or not.

The story itself is interesting, I really liked the idea the author had and parts of the follow-thru with it. But so much is touched on than just let go. The parents...I know there is more to them, but what?

I look forward to the second book in the SYLO series, because the author has grabbed my interest, especially in the last chapter of this book and I want to know more. I feel that some cutting down on this book would have really made it shine.

I recommend this book to anyone 12+. It's a great mystery with a hint of dystopia and more of that to come in the next installment.