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Alienated - Melissa Landers I received a copy of this book temporarily from netgalley.com for review.

Aliens. Humans. A type of foreign, really foreign, exchange student program. However could this go wrong? The aliens that gave the world a cure for cancer, asking nothing but peace in return. Aliens that travel from far, far away to meet up with other civilized species. A huge radical group that wants nothing to do with the aliens and wants them gone from our land forever, and a small contingent of teen aliens that are introduced into our communities, schools and families. Alien teens that feel that their race is far superior to ours.

You learn about how the L'eihr’s live, replicate, etc. You learn that even though they come with emotions that are so strong against us, that if treated with affection, they learn to do the same in return. There is so much going on with the L'eihr race, but the reader is left in the dark about a lot more than they should be. This is a good first book in a series, but it could have been way better, stronger and put together.

You are given romance, light hearted moments, fear, sabotage and so much more. Who is the worse perpetrator is the question. What is happening to our Earth is another. Who in their right might would house someone that could present a danger to their child is even another. How things get so out of hand with so little actual violence makes the story downplayed in a way that it shouldn’t.

I liked the story, I look forward to reading more, but I think that a prequel would be a great idea before going further into the story as it is. The author gives us some info, but so much more is missing. I want to know more about the aliens introducing themselves to us. How was their presence felt at that time, how did society react, how did they appear?

This is a good book for teens and adults alike. I good scifi book that holds the potential to be an outstanding series. I just hope that the author develops the story a bit more and gives her reading audience more information and less questions.