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Cyberstalker - Jens Hildebrand, Sally Ridge First I wish to thank the author for providing me a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.

Cyberstalker...we've all seen the movies, read articles on the does and don'ts with the internet, so I thought, hmmm, what more can be said? Let me tell you, there was a point while reading this, well actually more than one point, that I was scared about what was happening. I could feel my body tense up and I wanted to reach through the book and shake some sense into Lilly. As a Facebook user and as a mother of teens and young adults, I could feel the fear of all involved.

Lilly makes some mistakes, some she seems to realize as she's making them and some that don't hit home until others point them out to her. I can understand what she did and in some ways I think we've all done some pretty dumb stuff growing up because we just assumed it wouldn't happen to us. Well, it happens, it may have not happened to me and it may not have happened to you, but it has happened and is happening to our youth and to adults as you read this.

This book hits on a lot of things people do on Facebook, young and old, that will make the reader stop and think. Do you know everyone you are Facebook friends with? As I signed onto Facebook tonight I saw that someone was having a birthday, I clicked on their name and than looked at their profile and it hit me that I had absolutely no idea who this person is. Being a blogger, I know that the person is most likely book related in some way but with the age of the person it really just made me stop and think, especially after reading this book. Do you post things on your Facebook that might be taken the wrong way by another? A post that is innocent at face value but if looked at by another may be considered suggestive in some way.

This is a book that I recommend not only to readers as young as 12 but to adults too, so they understand what can be behind a picture and profile that may look fun and innocent but really be the opposite. I recommend this book as a required reading for middle schoolers. This is the age that many get started in the social media and any awareness can only be positive. The only drawback is that this book does take place in the UK so some of the slang is a little different than those elsewhere, but the point behind the story is universal. Yes, this is a work of fiction, but it can also be taken from the headlines of our papers worldwide.

Now, there's nothing I really have at fault with this book except for the fact that Lilly tends to brush off a lot of what's going on and think the opposite even with the facts before her eyes. She does some things that I seem a little Nancy Drew at times but without it the story wouldn't be what it is in the end.