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A Girl By Any Other Name

A Girl By Any Other Name - M.K. Schiller I wish to thank the author, MK Schiller, for providing me a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

A sweet, romantic story that starts making you wonder where things are going, while in the back of your mind you have the inkling of what's going on while poor Cal doesn't. The story moves back and forth from present day to 10+ years in the past, but does it in a way that only boosts the story, which as readers know is very hard to pull off. The shift in time and place is written so perfectly that you feel that you are there with the characters as things are happening.

Cancer gets a whole new face in this book, and when you realize just what I mean you find yourself within the shift of the book. Sweet, wholesome then tragedy. You ache with Cal throughout the book, when he is finding his way in his youth and when he's come to realization in his adulthood. Sylvie becomes a permanent fixture, even if only in his memories.

This is not just a sweet romantic book. This is a thriller, suspenseful and sexual book mixed in with all the rest. There are times that you will find yourself blushing as you read it. Actually, there is sometimes just way to much description in the sexual trysts. I don't think it was all needed, I don't know if there was a push for the author to provide more of it, but a little less would have sufficed.

You will find yourself rooting for Cal and his Lenore but also wondering if there is too much of a good thing going and will it be all taken away. When you think that the end of the story is coming, you will get pulled in a whole new direction and wonder if this is it. Not just for the story but for the happiness of the couple.

There are surprises throughout this book. Layers upon layers of stories. What is the truth? Where will the story take you? Will there be a happy ending or will there just be more sadness?

I recommend this book to readers from the ages of 18+. At first I would have recommended to those younger, but the sexual descriptions are just too mature for younger readers. This is a book for the hopeless romantic in all of us.