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Dory's Avengers

Dory's Avengers - Alison  Jack First I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

The Sponsorship Scheme, exactly what it sounds like, a total scheme. The rich get richer and those that aren’t sponsored find roadblocks at every turn. To not be sponsored is considered a total shun of those that matter in the financial world. You might as well kiss your endeavors goodbye.

This book center on two men, Louis and Theodore aka Dory, once childhood friends and now one is confined by his genetics and the other by his evil father. Set in present time, but considerable a different UK than what we know, we are given insight to the ways of the Sponsorship and those that refuse to be conformed to it.

The book is written well, if not sometimes too well. There is a bit of repetitiveness in the beginning which may turn a potential reader off to it that has not been forewarned. Sponsorship this, sponsorship that, but in a ways it’s to get the point across just how much the Sponsorship has changed the world we knew and made it into something that serves a few but isn’t seen as such.

Dory manages to get through to Louis that he needs help; in turn we have Dory’s Avengers. A group that has had enough and will do what they can to help. A sight from the past that beyond all odds comes to fruition in the future. Mixed in with the Olympic Games, the unsponsored put up a fight and the ending is known upon you reading this book.

As I stated before, this book is well written. You will find yourself digging in and going for the long haul to not miss a beat in the story. You will find yourself cheering, jeering, and being flustered along with the characters and the story. I recommend this to anyone 16+ who enjoys a good thriller.