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London Bound

London Bound - Nana Malone I wish to thank the author for providing me a complimentary copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. The cover really struck me though. What should be the look of passion or love is instead the blank stare of a woman but yet says so much about her personal wellbeing and still gives off emotions. The blurb allures you to the idea that there’s so much more to the story and as I started reading, I was instantly confronted with the ex-boyfriends betrayals. Yes, not just one but a one, two and out the door he was sent. I instantly felt compassion and sympathy for Abbie and to have a connection like that, so soon, committed me to her throughout the book.

Held back by her parents and boyfriend, for years, always expecting to be what they wanted to mold her to be, Abbie breaks free of them and with courage of a lion she strikes out on her own path in life. How many people have you seen that are just downright unhappy because they followed the dreams they were told to follow? May that be with love, careers, family, etc. Abbie says enough and blows everyone away.

Abbie meets Alexi, aka Lex, and their love story blossoms. Alexi has his fair share of secrets he’s keeping, but I felt that it was made out way more than it needed to be. It wasn’t like he was a secret spy or anything, just business/family ties and some life choices that he was keeping mum about. And that isn’t a spoiler, you learn about certain things from the start of the book. This mixed with the walls that Abbie has put up from her life experiences makes for a whirlwind of push and pull of emotions.

There are some violent moments, sexual situations and adult themes in this book, so I recommend it to readers 18+. For those that like a contemporary romance, cultural variations and a story that makes you think, you will enjoy this book.