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Engulfed (North Wing Trilogy)

Engulfed (North Wing Trilogy) - Barbara C. Doyle I wish to thank the author for providing me a complimentary copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

At first, when I saw the book, I was surprised because another book had come out recently with the exact same cover. I’ve noticed this trend increasing lately and I must say it’s not a fav of mine. The cover models are also a bit older than the actual characters in the book itself and may turn off some readers.

The story intrigued me from the start. I wanted to know the characters so much more in just a couple of pages. As the story progressed, I found myself not wanting to part with reading and when I had to put the book down, I was thinking about the characters and where the story would go. That right there is the tell-tale sign of a good book.

Ebony thinks she’s about bonkers with the things she hears and the things she can do. When she finds that there are others like her, but yet not fully like her, it gives her some peace but that’s also when her story starts to really spring off. Since she now knows what she is, there’s a race for her to decide what side she’s part of. There are those who want her to start a war and there are those who want balance. Which will it be? That’s for you to read and discover.

This is a unique twist on the stories of heaven and hell. There are whisperers, Handlers, Healers, the Dark, the LIght and more to wrap your mind around . You will grow fond of some and wonder what the heck with others. There are twists and turns and the ending will feel like a punch in the gut, but you will be ready for more. The sexual chemistry is perfect with the characters and you could cut through the tension with a knife.

The author truly amazes me. She’s finishing up her senior year of high school, and if she writes likes this now I can only imagine what wonderful storytelling will be coming from her. I have become a fast fan and will be watching her closely, because I’m ready for whatever she throws our way next. A YA book that readers of the paranormal and angels and demons will absolutely love.