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Remnants of the Damned

Remnants of the Damned - Gavin Hetherington 4.5 out of 5 stars

I would like to thank the author for providing me with a complimentary copy of his book in exchange for an honest review. I love a good horror novel and purchased it from B&N to read from instead.

Right from the get-go, the author had me tuned in. Some Prologues hint at what is to come, this one sets up the book masterfully, while giving the reader a few chills. Right away, the author talks about urban legends, and he doesn't stop with the Prologue, but feeds them to you bit by bit throughout the entire book. In some ways, it brought me back to my childhood, when my friends and I would see who had the scarier story. This in no way is making me say this book is juvenile, because it is sooo not that at all. I've always loved a bit of creepiness and this book filled what I've been lacking lately.

As the story progresses, you get to know the individuals that are being targeted. The storytelling is fantastic, the intricate layers being weaved to and fro, resulting in the ends reaching together at the end but not giving you the answers you wanted, which leads you to wanting the next book now. Too many times creepy, suspenseful stories lose their way with storylines that are repetitive of other books, give too much away to keep you interested or just lose their momentum. This book is not one of those. When you think that you're starting to figure something out, there's a shift in the story that totally makes you rethink things.

The author is superb in handling multiple POV's. I've read my fair share of books, as I'm sure you have, and sometimes seeing the same scene from another person's POV seem almost a carbon copy and starts to feel boring and overused. Not in this book. Each POV is as unique as each character is. The way the author brings each character into the fold keeps the reader attached to the story and keeps the flow of the action, keying in on the readers senses.

I recommend this book to all lovers of horror, but I do think that I would recommend it to those 16 and above and who can handle the bumps in the night without losing large amounts of sleep. I look forward to reading more in this series and whatever else author Gavin Hetherington writes.