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Ghosthunting Kentucky

Ghosthunting Kentucky - Patti Starr, John B. Kachuba I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Doing so does not sway my review in any way.

Do you like to sit around a campfire and tell ghost stories? Have you ever wondered if there was any truth to the stories that you heard? This book is full of such stories, interviews and investigations to back up what the author is putting out there. You will find some, well, cute, and others will have you wanting to leave the lights on when you go to bed.

As far back as I can remember, I loved anything to do with ghosts. There was Casper, whose comic books I devoured and who I dressed up once for Halloween as. There were books with pictures of apparitions that had me so intrigued that I read the same book over and over. There was an episode in my childhood, which I truly believe was me being visited by my brother, who died before I was born. It was so vivid and in ways is still that way today, that I can't see how it was a dream, because surely I would have forgotten about it by now. Present day, we have the TV shows Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventurers and Paranormal State which have brought credibility to the idea of ghosts aka spirits of the dead. Now I will be following the trail of Patti Starr to see what she's experiencing.

The book itself is story after story of different places in Kentucky that either she or numerous people close to her have experience ghostly occurrences at. Now with that, I don't mean that they always saw a ghost, but they either came away with EVP's, pictures or events that really made them feel that what they were experiencing was the paranormal. I was really hyped when she talked about a haunting near a college where my oldest daughter had seriously considered attending before deciding to join the military instead. When she gets home off of leave, I'm going to make sure she reads that part.

Now, my biggest disappointment was the investigation at Bobby Mackey's Music World. This place is like the rock star of the USA hauntings. Some scary, crazy things have happened at this place throughout the history of the place. Unfortunately, the author barely touches on it and for what she calls an investigation, I consider just an interview. If you aren't going to put out a full fledged investigation on this site, I wouldn't start off the book with it. Other issues I had with the book were what I considered fluff filling and writing from what she could remember and than going back and filling in the blanks, without rereading what she had put down to begin with. Fluff filling is pretty self-explanatory, putting things in to make the story longer but nobody really giving a hoot about it to begin with.

Ms. Starr has some great stories she shares with the reader, and they all caught my attention. Who doesn't like to read about a haunted hospital? They are some of the best hauntings out there! Haunted theatres...even Billy Ray Cyrus knew how to please one of these ghosts. Covered Bridges...hangings, car accidents, etc., throughout the history of the structure. She just pounds them out, one after another and good luck keeping up.

This is a book for all ghost lovers out there, no matter how young or old you are. There's something for everyone. You will not put this book down without at least one story sticking to you and repeating in your thoughts. I'm going to check out more on Patti Starr and further books on ghost hunting stories from other states, and with warmer weather on its way, I'm thinking of checking out some more ghost tours. I do recommend the Asbury Park, NJ ghost tours, we went as a family and were blown away.