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Rebel - Amy Tintera I wish to thank the author for providing me a complimentary ARC in exchange for an honest review. Doing so does not sway my judgment in any way.

What I liked about this book right away was that it started off exactly where REBOOT left off. There was no skipping ahead than doing some rehash so the reader could catch up. Being a duology, this is also perfect for the marathon read of one book right after the other. Another thing I liked about this book was that it was dual POV. Switching between Wren and Callum, you were given a better experience and hints on how both perceived the situation at hand, and how they saw each other. This was something that was missing in Reboot and luckily the author went with it in Rebel.

The action is non-stop in this book. You would think that making it to the Reboot Reservation that things would calm down, but that is exactly the opposite. Newly freed reboots aren't ones to be suppressed and they had to deal with that and other ideals of the "leaders" in place. Situations got ugly and Wren just couldn't catch a break for the majority of the book. Thank goodness she's a reboot because there would have been no way for a normal human to go through everything she did.

This book really upped the ante from the previous one, but the situations were night and day from one to the other. Wren discovers what kind of person she truly is, Callum has closure with family matters, HARC gets plenty of surprises and humanity finds a way to the forefront. There are losses, hope, anger, fear, reunions, romance and closures.

I did feel that there's more to the story than how it ended. I can see where the author could have continued onto one more book and completed with a trilogy. The story itself is unique, the premise of the reboots are genius and wanting more is a good thing. It means the author did a good job at bringing her story to her readers.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good scifi, dystopia type read. The true story here is how humanity has a way of coming through in even the worst circumstances. Readers from the ages of 12 on up will find themselves immersed quickly in the world of reboots and will enjoy every moment of it. There's violence, but not graphic in your face type, but enough of an innuendo to know what is happening and allowing the reader to picture it the way they are comfortable with.

Personally, I enjoyed this book more than the first, Reboot. I look forward to whatever the author, Amy Tintera, brings to the literary community next.