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Stone of Destiny

Stone of Destiny - Laura   Howard Having read and reviewed Ms. Howards first book in this trilogy, The Forgotten Ones, I was curious to see where she was taking the readers with her story. I was not only happy about the path she chose, but I liked the way she reiterated some of the first book to help get things moving. It has been a little while since I read the first book, so it really helped me get back into the storyline. The way she did it didn't take away from the story in the least bit, which can be tricky at times.

This book is an example of not only the story getting better, but the story teller maturing a bit with her writing and letting her characters guide her. This created a much more well rounded identity to each character which in turn really let the story flow and take on a life of its own. The mystery and intrigue know coming front and center and the world of the Danaan weaving in intricate layers. Once you think you know what's going on, something makes you think twice.

Allison, a heart bigger than any other, finds that there are even more questions than answers still. She has evolved since the first book in confidence, knowledge, relationships and more. Having done so, I felt a bigger draw to her and really began rallying for her. All the characters have evolved a bit, making for a stronger story, more convincing relationships and creating an over all great read.

I recommend this book to everyone who has read the first one, because again, it's even better and you won't be disappointed. I recommend this trilogy to anyone who enjoys fantasy and the world of fae and magical forces. Readers 13+ will enjoy this book and with the twists, especially at the end, will be recommending this book to their friends. Personally, I can't wait for the final book!