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Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects - Easy to Pick Up, Hard to Put Down

Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects - Easy to Pick Up, Hard to Put Down - Sophie Maletsky What more can I say about this book that the stars don't? Let's see. When I requested the book, I was expecting a how to book, but upon receiving it, it was more than I expected by far. At least twice the size of the usual DYI craft books and with so many different types of duct tape projects inside. Admit it, how many books have you picked up, and after looking through it, the projects are either out of date, repetitious or just downright too intense? These projects are all up to date, unique, and the majority are for those with the basic duct tape know how. Don't have that yet? You will with this book.

The start of this book gives you the ins and outs of different types of tape, materials needed, materials to stay far-far away from, and the basic how to's of duct tape. We are talking the very basic start up of using duct tape as a craft project instead of wanting to use it on your sister or brothers snitching mouth. Oh, don't give me that look, you know you've thought about it once or twice while they got you grounded on at least one occasion. For adults, I've been known to use it around the sliding door during hurricane season.

The instructions are clear, the pictures too. Each project gives you a list of the materials you will need, the amount of time it "should" take to complete and rates the difficulty level of the project. I say should, because I know that I'm not that good with sticking to referenced time, plus it really depends on the materials you are using. If you decide to mix up the materials and use an assortment of different patterns and colors it will take more time than if you just used a few. That's another think I like about this book, it's not boring. The projects are shown with really cool colors and patterns instead of just using basic one color duct tape. It really gives it all a better effect.

The type of projects you will find in the book are again, everything from the very basic to flowers, wallets, purses, backpacks, glass cases, bracelets, rings, chokers, etc. If you can think it, it's either in here or with the techniques presented, you can figure out how to make it. I just can't stop gushing over this book.

This book is perfect for everyone. Parents or older siblings can use it with young children. Teens can use it by themselves or with their friends. Adults can use it for themselves or to make crafts for friends or relatives. Groups can use this for either making gifts or even to make things to sell at craft fairs. I'm actually going to show this book off at my children's Girl Scout troop because I think that all of them, including the leaders, will find projects that interest them. What a great craft to make while at camp too!