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Future Gone

Future Gone - Alexandar Tomov I would like to thank the author for providing me a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Doing so does not sway my review in any way.

A book of very short stories, but all with a deep sense of meaning to them. Most of them were just too short. So much more could have been said instead of implied and it would have made for a much better read. Having said that, the author is on to something with this short stories and with a proper translation from Bulgarian to English, the meanings would cross over so much better.

The stories, as stated in the synopsis, about human nature. The author takes parts of it and creates a dramatic story that projects the nature to its fullest and leaves the reader to mull the meanings over. If you are looking for a quick, fun read, this isn't for you. This book, even with the stories being a couple pages long, really makes you stop and think over what you just read.

I, myself, have never read a book like this and will definitely be doing rereads of it throughout the years. I do hope that the author goes back to it and expands on the stories a bit more. That is the crutch of this book, the stories are just too short as I stated previously. There is so much more I want to know about many of the subjects of the stories that at times it was quite frustrating when the story just ended. Having said that, this would be a great book for professors to incite discussions in the classroom though. I can only imagine the philosophical debates that it would project.

A book quite unlike others, I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something that will make them stop and think before going on to the next story. A short book that will keep you captivated for hours.