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Who R U Really?

Who R U Really? - Margo Kelly 4.5/5

This is the book that every person should read before they are let loose on the internet. This book captures and gives the reader the raw outline of how an Internet Predator behaves. This book shows how a child, with the strictest of internet parents, can be drawn in and groomed by manipulative people online. So many times you hear, but where were their parents during all this time? This shows how it can happen even with the most attentive parents.

This novel captured my interested from the very beginning. The topic is one that needs more attention because it shows just how easy it is for an Internet Predator to get hold of an innocent person. We hear about it in the headlines weekly, but this gives you factual information on just how the predators work and where it can lead to.

The author did a great job. Through the book you can feel the changes going with Thea. You start understanding the who's, what's and why's. I picked up early on the who from a certain detail that the author included, but even than, the twists and turns in the story really made this a strong read and I was not disappointed. In fact, Thea's mother's anguish at the end ripped me to the core and sent tears down my own cheeks.

The only things I had an issue with is that the story line itself felt a little jumpy at times. Like the author had been distracted by something while writing and her train of thought had been momentarily derailed.. I had a hard time with Thea's age. Certain things and actions made it feel she was older than what she really was and the relationship with her brother seemed a bit juvenile on his end, even though he is the older brother.

I recommend this to everyone. A great thriller that not only captures the readers imagination, but also provides a well meaning lesson on how to present yourself to others online and what red flags to be aware of when dealing with other online.