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Animate Me - Ruth Clampett

What can I say; a book that quotes Pinky and the Brain gets a shout-out from the very beginning!   Now, if you are anything like me, you’ve got the theme song of P&B going through your head. 


This book is a love story told from the male POV, an animator male POV at that.  So there are plenty of flashes of the comic book scenes from “The Big Bang Theory” but without the complete nerd overhaul.  An adult contemporary romance, with plenty of chuckles and palm smacks to the forward moments that keep the reader involved with the story, the characters and the underlying issues at hand.  Honestly, most adult books I’ve read have been female POV’s and I wasn’t sure going into this read how it was going to pan out, but I can happily say that it was wonderful!


Nathan has been swooning over Brooke for 2 years and one day luck is on his side and he is able to actually smooth his way into her life.  First as a friend, than, well, you get the idea.  As a reader, I really felt for Nathan.  His embarrassments, his accomplishments, his everyday work atmosphere with those friendships.  It was like I was Nathan and not having the wingman view, but 100% in his shoes. 


A great read, especially if you are looking for something on the lighter romantic side, humorous but not lacking on conflicts.    Honestly, as I read this I could envision certain actors in the parts and it read like a movie.  A really, really good movie.  I highly recommend this book and especially with all the cartoon quotes, comic book store scenes and included caricatures, it has sent my personal geekness in overload and I’m loving it!


Source: http://wordtodreams.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/review-animate-me-by-ruth-clampett-giveaway